"Kyoko has compassionately guided me on my journey to freedom from childhood pain and suffering, helping me to heal and reclaim the wholeness of my life. Working with her has enabled me to embrace my vulnerability and resilience, and face my deepest fears with courage to live more fully and present to myself and others. Through the years she has modeled patience, integrity, and authenticity with her unwavering spirit and commitment to walking her talk."

Z, client

“I felt Kyoko worked very hard for us during our sessions, that she really was tuned in and highly aware and insightful.”

A., client


“I appreciate my therapist’s cultural sensitivity. She really understands my problem.”

H., client

Psychotherapy and Coaching

Please note: I am in the process of retiring and not accepting new clients.
  • When you are distressed and wishing for healing and reconnecting with your wholeness, psychotherapy can facilitate the process.

  • When you want to live more fully towards your full potential, coaching can help you be accountable to your deepest aspirations.

Psychotherapy and coaching is on a continuum of development from hurt and fear to reclaiming your wholeness, ultimately moving towards thriving with confidence. In psychotherapy, healing is the primary focus whereas in coaching the focus is to get fully engaged in the life that you want to live. 

My therapy and coaching services are informed by more than 30 years of experience as a therapist, but more importantly they are informed by my journey as a human being. I work to integrate my professional and personal learning so that I walk my talk. When I nod in understanding, most likely I have a personal experience I can relate to and empathize with.

I have trained in many schools of psycho-therapeutic thought and they give me an orienting view, but I know that who you are as an individual is always more particular and complex than any psychological theory. So what I do is listen deeply not just to what you say but also to the silence between your words, and to what your body communicates. In our sessions, I would like you to have experiences of feeling heard and seen with kindness and awareness.

I can also be warmly direct and not afraid to ask hard questions, or give you honest and astute feedback . I have worked with clients from many cultural and racial backgrounds and I welcome diversity in my services.

I believe healing and thriving is our birthright. The life force that sustains each of us is expressed in our universal human wish for healing, happiness, and peace. From time to time, we experience life circumstances and unskillful habits that become obstacles to lead a life with ease and confidence. We feel overwhelmed and stuck. Being able to notice this and being willing to take an action is a first step in getting unstuck.

There is much help available, including your own inner resilience as well as external resources such as books, trusted family members or friends, 12-Step Programs, and professional helpers. I would be honored if you contact me to explore whether I'm the right person to help you heal and thrive.

 Kyoko Katayama   |   tenshinkyoko@gmail.com