"Kyoko's integrity and clarity are of the highest magnitude, and I always feel privileged to be with her, whether professionally or personally. She truly brings the gift of authenticity, openness, beauty, and presence to every situation. If I was seeking a guide and mentor, I would choose Kyoko."

Linda Bergh, Ph.D, Psychologist Emeritus, Death/Dying Guide, and Biography Facilitator

Mindful Living, Conscious Dying

When you want to dive deeply into life with awareness and love, befriending death can be a wise guide, whether you’re young and healthy or facing terminal illness.


  • Support and provide resources for people who are facing end of life, and their family and friends. 

  • Befriending Death workshop to help face the truth of our impermanence with courage, love and equanimity.

Resource for Mindful Living, Conscious Dying 

I am available as a resource and help for people who are facing end of life, and their family and friends. I am available for visits, or I can direct you to resources and information such as an Advanced Heath Care Directive, after-death care of loved one, how to do a home vigil or home funeral, and resources for a green burial. These services are offered freely, though donations are welcome.


Befriending Death: Meeting Impermanence with Courage, Love and Equanimity

In this six- week intensive class, we will explore how we relate to death and dying—our own and that of others; some of the rituals and care involved in one’s end of life; grief; embracing life and befriending death. We will practice relating to death as a great teacher who can break our hearts yet awakens us to the Truth that will liberate us.

The class is offered freely without a set charge through Common Ground Meditation Center. You must have some meditation experience or familiarity with Buddhist meditative traditions. The class is not appropriate for people who have recently experienced a loss of loved one and the grief is still raw. 

Kyoko’s dharma talks are found at Common Ground Meditation Center: Audio Dharma: Archive at Dharma Seed (Go to "teachers" and type in Kyoko Katayama). You can download or listen to Kyoko's talks from the past 5 years.



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